Kyiv Infinity Dark

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The Kyiv Infinity Dark, suitable for a beginner or an expert, can be used for everything from miniature painting to scale modelling, from fine art to murals, from make-up to automotive. It comes with the Fineline nozzle set in 0.2mm and a 2ml paint cup suitable for fine work, with the 0.4mm Fineline nozzle set and 5ml paint cup available for larger work (optional extra - see above). Beginners will love the ease of use of the 0.4mm head, and also the trigger memory feature of the Quick-Fix system which helps make fine control simple. The airbrush has all the features of the flagship Infinity CRPlus model, with the added benefit of the lightweight aluminium ALPlus construction. It carries Angela Dmitrenko’s Wings artwork, and every internal part of the airbrush finished in gold as a tribute to her and our belief that there is good inside us all. Enjoy Harder & Steenbeck’s German quality and performance, along with their legendary ease of use, whilst making a contribution to looking after the children of Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine. It is beautiful, but like all Harder & Steenbeck products, it is made to work hard!