The New Ultra 2024

Learning, Engineered

We are celebrating our 100th anniversary by showcasing a world first - our radical new ULTRA - engineered to teach the perfect double action trigger technique to first time painters, by design.

The ULTRA 2024 debuts our three engineered innovations to painting successfully with the airbrush, straight out of the box. Start Control trigger design – a full double action trigger system, but engineered to eliminate common beginner mistakes. Colour Control – a five step system which gives the perfect trigger settings for Priming, Basing and Glazing, and the three stages of Highlighting.

And finally, our Clog Control system – a headset which enables you to see the needle tip, clean the needle tip, but always keeping it protected from any damage. A clean needle tip is the solution to airbrushing with no colour clogging. The ULTRA will seamlessly start your painting journey, and progress to competition level painting with Harder & Steenbeck’s modular system of upgrades. 

Please watch our presentation video for a full explanation of our new ULTRA – the perfect airbrush to begin with, and progress with no limits.

The painting process